Denise Hanson


Over the past 15 years, Denise has helped thousands of people from around the globe. Her clients describe her style as “empathetic and caring” and feel her readings are “guided by love and truly come from the heart”. Read what some of her clients say about Denise:

"Denise Hanson is a warm, understanding intuitive. She is an excellent communicator and works hard at centering herself so she can bring you helpful, accurate information from the other side. She has the uncanny ability to get to the root of a problem and help you map out a plan to get you up and running again. Her energy work is amazing. She has personally helped me with migraines and back pain. Denise is a woman who is dedicated to her craft and is always trying to perfect her God-given talent. It's wonderful to see someone so dedicated to helping people. Her charity work is boundless and she never takes her responsibilities for granted. She truly is a blessing." --Pamela Jensen - Seattle, Washington

"Denise has a wonderful, caring attitude that puts a person at ease immediately. She is keenly intuitive and her comments are directed and helpful. Her warmth and humor is a big asset too.  It's been an enormous gift to have her help and insights in my life. I would recommend her assistance strongly." -- Mary P. - Los Gatos, CA

"If you are looking for that special connection with a psychic or an intuitive, I would highly recommend Denise Hanson. She is one of so very few that are truly authentic and sincere in helping you assess all aspects of your life. With her guided insight she can encourage you into actively participating into making your future as bright and meaningful as it can be.  Need I say more?" --Patrick Wayne, Clairvoyant and Intuitive - Los Angeles, California

"I have walked out of every session with Denise Hanson with a renewed sense of purpose and possibility. Her ability to help me see my gifts and opportunities while maintaining sensitivity and compassion for my challenges and suffering have provided me with inspiration and courage at critical points in my life for many years." --Melissa Ransdell - Seattle, Washington

"I would say foremost, Denise is empathetic and caring.  No matter what the cards come up or what problem I'm having at the moment, she never judges and I truly believe she wants things to turn out the best for me and my loved ones. Denise also has a practical manner in how she deals with people.  It may be a kind of "out there" profession, but she certainly speaks to us "down here” kind of people when she does readings." --Connie Boreson - Opheim, Montana

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